Hostel Rules

  • Reception Open from 9am to 9pm (Check in after 9PM is not possible)
  • No smoking is permitted on the hostel property. (Costa Rican Law 9028)
  • Quiet time is at 10pm. 
  • Pets are not allowed in the hostel.
  • Check out is at 11am. (Late check out = Pay your night )
  • Once the checks out is done, Guests will be able to leave luggages in our storage and use all facilities until 4pm.
  • No visitors are allowed to enter in the hostel for safety reasons.
  • Cool Vibes Hostel is not responsible for any items lost or left.
  • We reserve the right of admission.
  • Check in is from 3pm . To register, show original passport with update touristic visa or ID for national resident.
  • Check in in share dorm are not possible after 10pm.

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Reglas del Hostel:


  • Recepcion abierta de 9am a 9pm.(No se puede hacer check in despues de la 9pm)
  • Fumar es prohibido en el hostel (Ley 9028)
  • La Hora de silencio es a la 10pm.
  • No se permite mascotas.
  • La hora de salida es a las 11am. (Salida tarde = Pago de la noche)
    Una vez el cuarto desoccupado, los huespedes pueden dejar sus pertenencias en nuestro guarda equipaje y usar todas la facilidades hasta las 4pm.
  • No se permite visitas en el hostel.
  • Cool Vibes Hostel no esta responsable en caso de pertenencias extraviadas.
  • No reservamos el derecho de admision.
  • La hora de entrada es a las 3pm -  Para registrarse, .mostrar pasaporte original con visa turistico vigente o Cedula de identidad vigente por los nacionales. 
  • Check in en los dormitorios compartidos no son posibles despues de las 10pm.

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Commentaires: 17
  • #1

    Kate (dimanche, 07 août 2016 13:13)

    I would be staying at your hostel in a dorm and 3 of my friends will be camping on the beach.
    Can my friends can store their luggages and can come and cook with me at the hostel?

  • #2

    Cool Vibes Hostel (dimanche, 07 août 2016 13:17)

    Hi Kate # 2
    Unfortunately, your friends will not be able to store their luggages and use the hostel facilities. We recommend to those who want to camp to go on secure camping site.

  • #3

    Sara (dimanche, 07 août 2016 13:21)

    I m working online and need a good wifi. Does your wifi works well?
    Thank you!

  • #4

    Cool Vibes Hostel (dimanche, 07 août 2016 13:25)

    @sarah #3
    Our wifi is 10 mega speed and use to work well most of the time.
    However, it use to be a little bit slower when many devices are connected. When they are storm also, it may be a little weak.
    Pura Vida

  • #5

    5 (dimanche, 12 février 2017 22:16)

    I see the towel for rent information on your site, is this just for beach towels or will we have to rent towels for the shower as well?

  • #6

    Sri Bilavarn (dimanche, 12 février 2017 22:44)

    Hi, Towells for shower are included for private room guests. Extra towell are 1000colones each (Beach or shower one)
    Dorm guests do not have any towells included.
    Pura Vida

  • #7

    Tori (jeudi, 27 décembre 2018 10:30)

    Hello! I can’t see to find an email to contact you at so I’ll just ask here! Me and my friend are planning to attend Envision festival in 2019. Our flight is due to arrive at SJO airport at 11 pm on February 27th, and we are taking a shuttle into Dominical then continuing on the next morning. We won’t be arriving at your hostel until around 2 am in the morning, and there is no option online when booking to check in after 9pm. I’m just curious if that would be possible, and if not, what would you recommend for us?
    Gracias :)

  • #8

    Samantha (vendredi, 18 janvier 2019 12:30)

    Does the prices on your website for a dormitory bed include all the taxes etc.?

    Thank you!

  • #9

    Sri (jeudi, 14 mars 2019 20:57)

    @ samantha
    Yes all our rates in our website include all the taxes.
    Rates on do not include the 13% tax.

  • #10

    Sri (samedi, 20 avril 2019 22:28)

    @ tori
    We do not allow check in for share dorm room after 10pm to avoid to disturb the other guest. However, check in after 10pm is possible for private room pre paid reservations if you inform us in advance.
    Pura Vida

  • #11

    Tania (dimanche, 28 avril 2019 17:32)

    Hello, what shuttle service do you recommend to leave the hostel and return to San Jose airport? Gracias!

  • #12

    Chantal Pfister (vendredi, 05 juillet 2019 20:27)

    Hello! We’ve got a reservation for 3 nights. Our bus should actually have left at 7pm at Quepos. Unfortunately it seems that it is a little bit delayed. Hopefully we arrive before 10, or otherwise is there a possibility to check-in after 10?
    Kind regards

  • #13

    Tanya (vendredi, 27 décembre 2019 10:02)

    Please tell me if children are welcome

  • #14

    @tanya (dimanche, 29 décembre 2019 14:37)

    Childrens are very welcome.
    There is just a age restriction in share dorm room. The minimum age require is 6years old.
    In private room children are free of charge until 4years old. Then there is $5 extra per child under 12 years old.

  • #15

    Cailey (samedi, 15 février 2020 18:40)

    Hello! If I wanted to get a shuttle to Dominical to the hostel from Uvita how would I go about that?

  • #16

    Ladyka (jeudi, 11 mars 2021 10:34)

    Do you have parking

  • #17

    sri (dimanche, 30 mai 2021 11:11)

    @Ladyka , Yes we do have a parking front of the hostel.

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