Surfing in Dominical

Playa Dominical is known as the most consistent surf spot in Costa Rica. There is almost always a wave worth riding. It is also known as a powerful break. It is almost impossible to surf at dead low tide as the waves close out into very shallow water. The mid-tides are great for more advanced surfers. The waves at mid-tide are faster and hollower and always less crowded. The high tide wave is the most popular but on smaller days is too mushy and frustrates short boarders. This is a good condition to pull out the long board and frustrate the short boarders even more. The bigger the wave, the more you should focus on high tide.


On big wave days the current can be strong. It is usually best to walk to the end of the beach at the foot of the current and let it push you up or down as the case may be. The beach runs from the south east to the north west. Looking straight out to sea perpendicular to the beach you are looking at an angle of 210 degrees south west. This means that a swell coming from 210 degrees is most likely going to be closing out, where a swell coming from under 200 degrees or over 220 (rare) will have better form. Usually, but not always, when the waves come from less than 210 degrees the current flows south to north. When it rains, the river can act up and dump some pretty nasty, cold and muddy water. So, if it is raining, most people tend to stick further south near the cell tower.


Surf Lessons in Dominical

Surf lessons are scheduled depending on the tides. You will start your surf lesson with a work shop where you will learn the basics of surfing, safety tips, paddling techniques, standing up on a board and riding waves.


We can arrange you surf lessons with one of the professional Surf School in Dominical:

  1. Tico Surf School
  2. Costa Rica Surf Camp
  3. Dominical Surf Adventure
  4. Costa Rica Dive & Surf
  5. Pine Apple Surf School
  6. Sunset Surf School 
  7. South Waves Surf 
  8. Dominical Waves Rider


Surf Rental only for Cool vibes guests

Surf rental cost $10 for 24hours. Only for Cool Vibes  guest.


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Surfing in Dominical

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